Toni Topaz is a competitive eater.

Classic ContinuityEdit

Toni competes with Jughead at the Riverdale Winter Carnival cupcake-eating contest. [1] She later helps punish Archie for his "summer dating quota" by ordering a lot of food at Pop's and making him pay for it.[2] She is also a member of The Bettys, making her debut in China when most of The Archies were delayed. [3]

New RiverdaleEdit

Toni is a student at Riverdale High. She took Archie to the infirmary when he got a concussion [4]; she also sang for Betty & the Waves. [5]

In Archie #17, she comments that if Archie doesn't snatch up the "hot chick" texting him, she will; she is also among Veronica's admirers on the cover of Archie #19. She is also apparently attracted to Sayid Ali [6], suggesting that she's bisexual.

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