The U.S. of Archie is a Saturday morning cartoon show on CBS from September 7, 1974 to September 1976. A spinoff of the popular Archie comic books and television show, it featured Archie, Jughead, and the other Riverdale High student regulars re-enacting famous scenes throughout American history, taking full advantage of the Bicentennial in the months leading up to it. These re-enactments were termed by Archie during the show to be historical accounts featuring the 'ancestors' of the current Archie gang, even though this meant they had identical ancestors who were always close friends in nearly every era of American history. It was produced by Filmation founders and producers Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott.

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. The Underground Railroad
  2. Gold
  3. The Day of the Ladies
  4. The Star Spangled Banner
  5. The Wright Brothers
  6. The Roughrider
  7. The Golden Spike
  8. Flame of Freedom
  9. There She Blows
  10. Stay Not These Men
  11. The Giver
  12. Mr. Watson, Come Here
  13. The Crime of Ignorance
  14. The Great Divide
  15. Fulton's Folly
  16. Wizard of Menlo Park

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